Each concept at Elemntz is the start of something new.

    We are specialised in product design and development; we refer to abstract or preliminary ideas that serve as a starting point for creating new products or solutions. They are the starting point in the design process, ideas are generated, explored, and refined before progressing to the next stages of development.


Concept development begins with ideation, we generate a wide range of possibilities and ideas as a start.

Brainstorming and exploration of various potential solutions. Look for design challenges and any given problems.  This involves sketching, creation of mood boards, on site meetings or other methods to express ideas.


When we have generated our ideas, these will be visualized by renderings or digital representations.

These visuals will help the overall design intent and, in this stage, we involve all parties to discuss for feedback.

Exploration and Refinement:

These concepts are not the final designs but we use these a reference for further refinement and exploration.

Looking at design challenges, functionality and check if all is in line with the user’s needs and challenges.

Feedback, market research is helping to shape the concept into a desirable solution.

Feasibility Evaluation:

During our development, it is very important to assess the feasibility of the concept into a practical product.

Looking at technical challenges, manufacturing processes, costs, and market viability are evaluated to see if the product has market potential. This helps to see if all is aligned with the project’s goals.

 Concept Communication:

During all these steps, it is important to get support from all involved parties or potential customers.

Samples and or prototype(s) in combination with visuals are used to value the concept. This will help to build excitement and gather feedback for next steps in development.

In every case, it is important to know that a concept provides a starting point. They are not the final product.