Custom made glass walls

Elemntz designed some of the most beautiful structured glass sheets with integrated LED and Stainless steel for this yacht.

Speaking about the design, Øino said: “At the outset the exterior design was intended to be understated and timeless. Working closely with Oceanco all the primary surfaces and details were created keeping this in mind. The result is one I think we all can identify with.”

DreAMBoat’s interior includes bespoke surfaces, with key materials including natural wood, glass, limestone floors, parchment, leather and mother-of-pearl. The result effect is “elegant without being overdone,”.

“Our designs features many exotic finishes creating a harmonious and calm environment including surprise details to entertain the eye.”

He added that he and his team had avoided the “big wow factor that soon becomes boring”.

“We believe that DreAMBoat with her quietly sophisticated interior is indeed a future classic,” he said.