The Team

“If you merely copy good designs, you will stop improving yourself”

Mr Erik-jan van Berkel

founder & Creative Director

The story started when a young Erik-Jan van Berkel made his first lines on paper. Colouring between the lines was the first step in his journey to building one of the leading luxury product manufacturers in the Netherlands. “This pinpoint accuracy is still in me, and remains the foundation for everything I do.”

Nearly three decades later, Elemntz is an established producer of highly exclusive handmade products, which repeatedly exceed the expectations of their users. Erik-Jan is creative director and the person responsible for all commercial and creative activities.

Mr or Miss new member?

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we are looking for a independent chief engineer. A no-nonsense person with a practical focus, who uses his experience and know-how to find solutions for the most complex challenges.

A career in serving the world’s most demanding clients is what we prefer. Can you add a solid foundation to the Elemntz story? Contact us today!

Mr Wim Heesakkers


The variety of materials and techniques are a challenge in themselves for a visual artist like Wim Heesakkers. If at all possible, he strives to master existing techniques and carry out all important activities himself.

This way, Wim leaves his mark on all the projects he carries out for Elementz clients, while always promoting quality and sustainability. “In my work I strive to experiment, explore, grow and change.”