Over the years, Elemntz has embarked on many exotic journeys with clients from all over the world.
The possibilities are as wide as your imagination.

Glass & art Elemntz
All our creations make a unique contribution to the distinctive atmosphere of the most luxurious superyachts, hotels, casinos and residences. Function and form are seamlessly integrated within a timeless, imaginative feel.

Liquid metal surfaces Elemntz
Creating natural surfaces in different materials is a journey that brings out the child in us. Handmade walls, doors, ceilings and fixtures will give each interior a unique feel.

Elemntz reliefs & sculptures
Reliefs should always add to the ambience of the space they occupy, never overwhelm. Bathed in a soft filtered light, our custom reliefs and sculptures illuminate and inspire. Their refined finish invites observers to touch and feel.

The Elemntz of custom lighting
Designing bespoke lightning is a fascinating creative process as well as a delightful adventure. You can rely on Elemntz to capture the essence of your vision, translating your ideas into functional design that surpasses your expectations.